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No doubt, the world would be a lesser universe without the horse. The joy, the sorrow, the beauty, the wildness, the service they render to mankind. We are lucky to be able to share in their story.” Jacqueline Mars


Horses are deeply rooted in MARS history dating back to the 1930s. Frank C. and Ethel V. Mars’ Milky Way Farm in Tennessee was well known for producing Thoroughbred racing champions, including the 1940 Kentucky Derby Winner, Gallahadion. The SNICKERS® Bar was named after one of their beloved horses. Spanning across generations, the Mars family continues to be involved in a variety of equestrian disciplines and interests including breeding and competing top-class international level eventing horses, Quarter Horses, and Arabians, and caring for retired service horses. Giving back through Equestrian partnerships illustrates the MARS commitment for a better world.

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“Equestrian sport is a natural place for us to position our brands. Few companies enjoy the benefit of producing high quality brands for horses, pets, and their owners." William Clements, VP Sponsorships and Sports Marketing


MARS Equestrian sponsorship by Mars Incorporated is the link between our iconic brands and the equestrian community. For generations, Mars has celebrated a rich equestrian heritage, and through purposeful partnerships, MARS Equestrian is committed to the sport and building an enduring legacy. From world-class competitions across all equestrian disciplines, to stewarding the power of horses on society and sustainability, MARS Equestrian is dedicated to enhancing the life of horses, pets, and people through our purpose A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

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